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Abbreviation for Zulu time. See Coordinated Universal Time.

Z Time

Abbreviation for Zulu Time. See Coordinated Universal Time.

ZBTSI (zero-byte time slot interchange)

A technique applied to a DS1 frame to ensure pulse density requirements are met, where bits 2 through 193 of each frame are scrambled to minimize the occurrence of all-zero octets. When an all-zero octet is contiguous to another octet with zeros and they would combine to violate the ones density requirement, an algorithm is invoked where some all-zero octets are replaced by an address chain. The reverse algorithms are performed by the receiving terminal.

zero dBm transmission level point (0 dBm TLP)

In a communication system, a point at which the reference level is 1 mW, i.e., 0 dBm. Note: The actual power level of the communications traffic is not necessarily 0 dBm. It is usually below the reference level. The reference is for system design and test purposes. Synonym zero transmission level point.

zero dispersion window

Synonym minimum-dispersion window.

zero insertion

See zero-bit insertion.

zero stuffing

See zero-bit insertion.

zero suppression

The elimination of nonsignificant zeros from a numeral.

zero transmission level point (0TLP)

Synonym zero dBm transmission level point.

zero-bit insertion

: A bit-stuffing technique used with bit-oriented protocols to ensure that six consecutive “1” bits never appear between the two flags that define the beginning and the ending of a transmission frame. Note: When five consecutive “1” bits occur in any part of the frame other than the beginning and ending flag, the sending station inserts an extra “0” bit. When the receiving station detects five “1” bits followed by a “0” bit, it removes the extra “0” bit, thereby restoring the bit stream to its original value. Synonyms zero insertion, zero stuffing.

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