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Media – Delivery Network Gateway

M-patch bay

A patching facility designed for patching and monitoring digital data circuits at data signaling rates from 1 Mb/s (megabits per second) to 3 Mb/s.


Abbreviation for Motion Picture Experts Group. 2. In digital television signal recording or transmission, the designator that identifies a certain coding algorithm having several levels and profiles, the most sophisticated of which are used for HDTV (high-definition television) applications. Note: M-PEG-2 video coding has been developed for use with satellite TV applications, including the required decoders (“set-top boxes”). 3. The designator that identifies an international standard for compression of TV signals, which standard is used in conjunction with desktop computers for video presentations or clips. 4. Pertaining to files (with file-name extensions “.mpg” or “.mpeg”) that are compressed using the MPEG standard. [Bahorsky] Also written MPEG.




1. medium access control, 2. media access control.

MAC label

An attribute of a subject or object which represents the sensitivity of the subject or object and is used for mandatory access control decisions. The contents of MAC labels are implementation defined [POSIX.6].

machine instruction

An instruction that is written in a machine language and can be executed directly by the processor for which it was designed without translation or interpretation.

machine language

A language that need not be modified, translated, or interpreted before it can be used by the processor for which it was designed. Note 1: The operation codes and addresses used in instructions written in machine language can be directly sensed by the arithmetic and control unit circuits of the processor for which the language is designed. Note 2: Instructions written in an assembly language or a high-level language must be translated into machine language before they can be executed by a processor. Note 3: Machine languages are usually used by computer designers rather than computer users.

machine learning

The ability of a device to improve its performance based on its past performance.

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