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Abbreviation for yysecond.

S interface

For basic rate access in an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) environment, a user-to-network interface reference point that (a) is characterized by a 4-wire, 144-kb/s (2B+D) user rate, (b) serves as a universal interface between ISDN terminals or terminal adapters and the network channel termination, (c) allows a variety of terminal types and subscriber networks, such as PBXs, local area networks (LANs), and controllers, to be connected to the network, and (d) operates at 4000 48-bit frames per second, i.e., 192 kb/s, with a user portion of 36 bits per frame, i.e., 144 kb/s.

S reference point

The conceptual reference point dividing the TEI (terminal endpoint identifier) and the NT2 (network termination 2) in a particular ISDN access arrangement. [T1.615-1992]


Serving-Call Session Control Function


Abbreviation for store-and-forward.


Services & System Aspects


Services & System Aspects


1. service access code, 2. special area code.


System Architecture Evolution

safeguarding statement

[A] statement affixed to a computer output or printout that states the highest classification being processed at the time the product was produced and requires control of the product, at that level, until determination of the true classification by an authorized person. Synonym [in INFOSEC] banner. [INFOSEC-99]

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