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Abbreviation for signal-plus-noise-to-noise ratio.

(Industry) Inventory Pool

Used in thousands-block number pooling to describe a reservoir of unassigned thousands-blocks administered by the Pooling Administrator for purposes of assignment to certified service providers participating in thousands-block number pooling.

(service) domain

A logical administrative domain interacting with the networks, HW devices, SW components, protocols, and data infrastructure as required for proper Service operation, management, and billing.

(user) device

Also known as Home Network End-Devices (HNED), Home Network Device (HND), Consumer Equipment (CE), terminal, and physical device. A piece of HW equipment running its SW and attached to a Home Network and being identified by a GUID – e.g., a MAC address. A single Device can be used by one or more Users.


1. A top-level domain name-suffix originally intended to designate commercial entities such as corporations and companies. 2. A filename suffix indicating an executable file. Note: Usually, “.com” programs are smaller and simpler than programs with the “.exe” suffix.


Abbreviation for file name extension. A label that identifies an enhanced text file format used by some digests and electronic publications. [Bahorsky]


A file-name extension that identifies a Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) audio file. [Bahorsky]


The computer file-name extension that identifies a Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) video file. See M-PEG. [Bahorsky]


See M-PEG.


See M-PEG.

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