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Atto (10-18). See metric system.


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Access Border Gateway Function..


In a start-stop teletypewriter system, the significant condition of the signal element that immediately precedes a character signal or block signal and prepares the receiving equipment for the reception of the code elements.

a-law algorithm

A standard compression algorithm, used in digital communications systems of the European digital hierarchy, to optimize, i.e., modify, the dynamic range of an analog signal for digitizing. Note: The wide dynamic range of speech does not lend itself well to efficient linear digital encoding. A-law encoding effectively reduces the dynamic range of the signal, thereby increasing the coding efficiency and resulting in a signal-to-distortion ratio that is superior to that obtained by linear encoding for a given number of bits.


1. Audio and Video; 2. Audio/Video


1. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Services; 2. Authentication, Authorization, Audit/Accounting


Advanced Audio Coding

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