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Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

W-profile fiber

Synonym doubly clad fiber.


A thin slice of semiconducting material, such as a silicon crystal, upon which microcircuits are constructed by diffusion and deposition of various materials. Note: Millions of individual circuit elements, constituting hundreds of microcircuits, may be constructed on a single wafer. The individual microcircuits are separated by scoring and breaking the wafer into individual chips (“dice”).


Acronym for Wide Area Information Servers. A distributed text searching system that uses the protocol standard ANS Z39.50 to search index databases on remote computers. Note 1: WAIS libraries are most often found on the Internet. Note 2: WAIS allows users to discover and access information resources on the network without regard to their physical location. Note 3: WAIS software uses the client-server model.


A graphic image that serves as a background for a Web page or for a computer operating system’s screen.


Acronym for wide area network.


Relative to jitter and swim, long-term random variations of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions. Note 1: Wander variations are those that occur over a period greater than 1 s (second). Note 2: Jitter, swim, wander, and drift have increasing periods of variation in that order.


Wireless Application Protocol


The practice whereby Resp Orgs, either directly or indirectly through an affiliate, reserve Toll-Free Numbers from the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) without having an actual Toll-Free Subscriber for whom those numbers are being reserved.

warm boot

Synonym warm restart.

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