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Abbreviation for kilo (SI prefix for 103). See International System of Units.


Abbreviation for kelvin(s). See thermodynamic temperature. 2. When referring to data storage capacity, 210, or 1024 in decimal notation; however this usage of an upper case K is deprecated.


In tropospheric radio propagation, the ratio of the effective Earth radius to the actual Earth radius. Note: The k-factor is approximately 4/3. 2. In ionospheric radio propagation, a correction factor that (a) is applied in calculations related to curved layers, and (b) is a function of distance and the real height of ionospheric reflection.

K-type patch bay

A patching facility designed for patching and monitoring of balanced digital data circuits that support data rates up to 1 Mb/s.


See noise power density.


A popular implementation of TCP/IP and associated protocols for amateur packet radio systems.

Kalman filter

A computational algorithm that processes measurements to deduce an optimum estimate of the past, present, or future state of a linear system by using a time sequence of measurements of the system behavior, plus a statistical model that characterizes the system and measurement errors, plus initial condition information.


Kilobits per Second


Kilobytes per Second


Abbreviation for key distribution center.

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