Wireless E911 ESRD/ESRK Number

A 10-digit number used for the purpose of routing an E911 call to the appropriate Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) when that call is originating from wireless equipment. The Emergency Services Routing Digit (ESRD) identifies the cell site and sector of the call origination in a wireless call scenario. The Emergency Services Routing Key (ESRK) uniquely identifies the call in a given cell site/sector and correlates data that is provided to a PSAP by different paths, such as the voice path and the Automatic Location Identification (ALI) data path. Both the ESRD and ESRK define a route to the proper PSAP. The ESRK alone, or the ESRD and/or Mobile Identification Number (MIN), is signaled to the PSAP where it can be used to retrieve from the ALI database, the mobile caller’s call-back number, position and the emergency service agencies (e.g., police, fire, medical, etc.) associated with the caller’s location. If a NANP TN is used as an ESRD or ESRK, this number cannot be assigned to a customer. See ‘Administrative Numbers’ definition.