system high mode

1. [An] information system (IS) security mode of operation wherein each user, with direct or indirect access to the information system (IS), its peripherals, remote terminals, or remote hosts, has all of the following: (a) valid security clearance for all information within an IS; (b) formal access approval and signed nondisclosure agreements for all the information stored and/or processed (including all compartments, subcompartments and/or special access programs); and (c) valid need-to-know for some of the information contained within the IS. [INFOSEC-99]2.A system operating in this mode is one whose users are all cleared for and have access to all the information stored on and/or processed by it, but not all of whom actually need to know about all of the data [CESG].See also: Dedicated Security Mode, Multilevel Security Mode, and Compartmented Security Mode.