signal transfer point (STP)

In a common-channel signaling network, a switch that provides for the transfer from one signaling link to another. Note: In nonassociated common-channel signaling, the signal transfer point is not the point through which the call, which is associated with the signaling being switched, passes. 2. A packet switching device that performs a message routing function in a CCS network. It receives, discriminates, and transfers CCS messages between the signaling points to which it is connected. The STP function in a network may be implemented by separate network elements or may be resident within switches. When provided on a separate network element basis, the STPs are generally duplexed for reasons of signaling availability. Besides the message routing function, an STP may provide functionality such as gateway screening and global title translation. [After T1.235-1993] 3. A signaling point with the function of transferring signaling messages from one signaling link to another and considered exclusively from the viewpoint of the transfer. [After T1.110-1987]