Demarc Extension

The transmission path originating from the interface of the access provider’s side of a telecommunications circuit Demarcation Point within a premise and ending at the termination point prior to the interface of the edge Customer Premises Equipment. This may include in-segment equipment, media converters and patch cords as required to complete the circuit’s transmission path to the edge CPE. See Figure 1 below.
Figure 1: Demarc Extension.Interface – the boundary or interconnection between systems or equipmentDemarcation Point – The point where the operational control or ownership changes; the point of interface between service providers and customer facilitiesedge Customer Premises Equipment (eCPE) – The initial piece of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) that is located at the separation point between the demarc extension and the end user’s internal network. The “e” denotes the location of the equipment, at the edge of the end user’s circuit, and avoids confusion with other CPE used in a demarc extension or at a facility. The equipment is typically a CSU/DSU, Router or Modem.MPOE: Minimum/Main Point of Entry – the location where a telecommunications provider’s wiring crosses or enters a building